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An advocate of truth. A healer at heart. A writer of words. InstaG @CC_ATrueStory
Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

She sat across from me, discussing her love life and the desire to find that serendipitous story which according to every fairy tale should have fallen into place by now. She lived in New York City, all of her other relationships had come into existence surprisingly and excitingly, the next one should be here by now. She was 35, so it was time, according to her maternal or societal clock.

I looked into her eyes as she told me a story of a more tranquil moment in time for her, “My skin was amazing, I lived simply, and I was…

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

The world turns until it doesn’t
Joy and laughter sinks into Earth’s soil
Tears are the rain in life’s darkness

Why do we have to wish upon a star
Why is it so hard to be exactly who we are

The sun rises to beautiful beginnings
Days go uncounted, not unnoticed
Clouds pass by and we wait for change

Why is the world unkind
Why is there hate in some minds

The aloe plant blooms but to heal you cut
Drive to get somewhere; A crashing in the distance
Fate and opportunity keep us hopeful

Why must we know life’s…

Christie Alex Costello

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