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An advocate of truth. A healer at heart. A writer of words. InstaG @CC_ATrueStory

The way to find the love you have always wanted.

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She sat across from me, discussing her love life and the desire to find that serendipitous story which according to every fairy tale should have fallen into place by now. She lived in New York City, all of her other relationships had come into existence surprisingly and excitingly, the next one should be here by now. She was 35, so it was time, according to her maternal or societal clock.

I looked into her eyes as she told me a story of a more tranquil moment in time for her, “My skin was amazing, I lived simply, and I was…

Maslow & My Dashboard of Triangles

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Life’s Higher Highs and Lowest Lows

So I’ve started to form this theory. Over many decades I’ve been obsessed with Maslow and his genius Hierarchy of Needs theory. If you’ve read me before, you know I reference the Hierarchy a lot in my rhetoric on great and terrible relationships. Here is the theory, I think we misunderstood the hierarchy and it’s actually a series of triangles, not a single triangle. Life is a series of dashboards, 5 triangles acting on their own accord.

Life is like a see-saw — Me.

Like on a see-saw, in our lives it’s not uncommon as one thing goes up another…

Advice from great men about real relationship challenges.

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Habits change into character

Cheating and infidelity are major issues in the Millennial generation. The rise of online dating sites, vanish mode, and fake Instagram profiles all increase online anonymity and paired with a mobile device, becomes catastrophes waiting to happen! Anyone toying with secret desires has an enormous freedom in 2021. Whether you are in a relationship or purely dating with the intent of forming a relationship I will say this, “Habits form your character over time.”

In recent months my relationship has experienced many revelations and one overlooked in the earlier dating stage recently reveal itself. …

Don’t look crazy, set your boundaries, and fight fair.

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May and I both met our partners online.

Her partner Ty was almost too good to be true when they got married in 2019. My partner Mr. Brooks and I have had our share of magic with a touch of chaos to say the least. As I spoke with May on the phone recently, laughed with me about the realities of online dating and perception management we both realized shaped our conversations with these men we grew to love. While May and Ty took a different path forward than Mr. Brooks and I, the advice I would never, ever suggest considering in your relationship is this:

“Try not…

There is always work to be done.

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“Last birthday, she got you a new sweater put it on, give her a kiss, and tell her, ‘Do better’,” — Kanye West

This is the relationship advice no one wants to hear, and I have to give at least monthly. When women look at my relationship and think we have our shit together, they’re wrong. When men look at my relationship, they lick their lips in jealousy, which is just child’s play to me. The truth is, my partner and I have been through hell and back. …

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