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The way to find the love you have always wanted.

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She sat across from me, discussing her love life and the desire to find that serendipitous story which according to every fairy tale should have fallen into place by now. She lived in New York City, all of her other relationships had come into existence surprisingly and excitingly, the next one should be here by now. She was 35, so it was time, according to her maternal or societal clock.

I looked into her eyes as she told me a story of a more tranquil moment in time for her, “My skin was amazing, I lived simply, and I was…

How we live, guides the way we love.

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In 2014, I cheated. One decision, one night, and one emotion (revenge) drove me to a space that made my values unclear, my self-respect impossible, and my integrity as loose as a kindergartener’s shoelaces. I couldn’t trust myself and that was a painful journey of healing. A year later, harboring those lies had wreaked so much havoc on my body that it was no surprise when my doctor told me I had early stages of cervical cancer. I lived out of alignment and my spirit knew. …

A Poem

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Take me to a place
Where you spin me in beauty
While I stare into your eyes and see the world.

Take me to a place
Filled with your pottery barn comfort
Deliciously tempting to taste my fragranced air

Take me to a place
Coated with glitter from gum bottoms
Soaked in an old fashioned cherry between your lips

Take me to a place
Your mind can be free and my heart wild
In the middle of the street where your art becomes me

Love made simple.

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To be the love we seek is a daunting and difficult task. We seek shelter in another’s arms yet we rarely hold onto ourselves. We seek a kiss from soft lips instead of kissing the mirror as children do. We seek words to affirm the depths in our hearts, yet we hold those words from ourselves all too often. We seek a gentle push forward. We freeze when the world asks us to push ourselves into the change. We hesitate when we know the rude truth of all things. We seek flowers cut in a vase because we refuse to…

A poem

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Are so enough.
Don’t let elements
argue diamond’s worth.
Stand still.
Reach up.
So, you failed a test.
Don’t let the mess,
get you out of sorts.
Order of events…
made heat, can I vent?
You know the trials,
but given an inch
You’d run a mile.
Just believe.
In what?
Be simple in pursuit.
Refill your leaking cup or
pain of youth.
they cannot break the truth.
Just be you.

How we build trust

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There is a layer beneath love that I found to be a lot like the warm apples underneath the crumble of a great, buttery apple crisp.

Apples show us our own vulnerability.

Anyone who has ever made apple crisps knows that the quality of the apple is vital to the end result. Apples are the over-looked hero of my universe. As a baker, we hand select for the right texture, color, and crunch. The selection of the apple is the choosing who we give trust to and share our recipes with.

Next comes the peeling of the apples. This is building a raw and vulnerable base…

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