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How to Stop Over-Thinking

We become trapped in our minds as if our world were a complicated maze. Sometimes it is difficult to fathom what is beyond our reach and get out of our own way to achieve what we believe in. We work tirelessly toward a goal only to feel it slip between our tightly clenched fingers in a moment of doubt. We meticulously create subconscious constraints each day as we sign up for more and more stuff. We make commitments for fear of scarcity and over-pay for things like cars and memberships to unnecessary clubs. The very things that once supported our happiness have the ability to become our prison. Our prison can be physical, like the debt from a degree, or intangible excuses that hold us back.

The reality is, our prisons are usually self-inflicted. We become stuck, almost paralyzed in a sense. We stop taking blind steps in the direction of our dreams because fear has morphed our vision along the way. Sometimes when we begin to drown in doubts, we find ourselves having conversations that push positivity away and garner negative press. We become what we repeatedly think and therefore do.

The way out of overthinking is getting curious. Ask yourself, “What lies have I built in my head that keep me from moving forward?” Let this question roll around in your mind the way whiskey rolls against a cube of ice in a glass. Are you over-valuing the opinions of someone else and under-valuing the capabilities you possess? Most likely. Do you make excuses or build distractions into your life as a way to self-sabotage? I’m sure of it.

In discussing dreams, I find we typically all want the same things at a macro-level. We want to be bold and leave a mark on the world. We want to show the world who we really are, but that takes courage. This courage begins with moving forward instead of sitting still, stuck in our head, debating all the reasons those doubters may be right.

Stop letting other people’s priorities erode your focus. The pressure of daily work begins to loosen the grip of that dream in trade for a “job well done” from a boss. Overwhelmed by responsibilities? These are all prisons that we built in our heads. No one made you sign up for half the things you do each day. So I will ask you like Rapunzel in the tower, I will ask, “Do you want to come down yet?”

At this point, you must begin to find your way. Find people that bring you back to the vision that fuels your soul. Begin to make yourself certain, that no mark will confirm the fact you do or do not exist. You must go forward and assume the mark will be made because I can assure you, standing still in thought, you will not.

We become trapped in our minds as if our world were a complicated maze, but it isn’t and it doesn’t have to be.

“Go forward.”

An advocate of truth. A healer at heart. A writer of words. InstaG @CC_ATrueStory

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