The Sands of Time

Wash me away
while tide pulls like magnets
I seep into unseen places
Escaping this relentless sun
Wind rips at my side
Now crush me against the rocks
Passion knows these waves well
No permanence exists out here
Attention on beauty far beyond me
They love my sound more than they know
I have no address
But I’ve born witness to centuries passed
I’ve supported many great beings
Please build up my magic
I’m a castle in one child’s eyes
Just let me be your comfort
I’ll hold a balance in a frame
Sailors unthanked guide home
You’ve touched my ripples of imperfection
But I’m smooth and warm on better days
Absorbing the loneliest storms
I turn it into new and more
I’ll always be here
Let me rest at sunset
The uncelebrated hero of every sea

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