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A poem

Me @CatherineCooperPhotography 2021

Dreams lay side-by-side
On a love soaked mattress
So different as we collide
Pay attention to my heart
I’m so selfish with your time
Words spill in the hallway
Passion pours your lips to mine
With every breath you love me
Power in your hands
Swim between our seas
A genius in my eyes
Loving you,
the best surprise…

A poem

Augustus V by Rico Studios

Make breakfast Saturday;
Vacuum Sunday afternoon;
Pleasure saved for last;
Compliments I gave too soon.
The actions of the past like…
Cleaning all the dishes
Doing more than chores
People-pleasing is something…
I can’t do anymore.
I’ve outgrown the guilt;
The shame I’ve set aside.
Now I must focus on,
what makes me come alive…

A poem

Me by Catherine Cooper Photography, 2021

Starfish in the center
Blankets all around
You speak a soothing sound
Night owl for a lover
Good dreams may come too soon
Safety in a pillow heaven
Maybe I’ll awaken like the flowers bloom
Give another try at seven
You’ll come to bed when you are done
I’ll be the one to kiss your lips
Before the morning sun

A poem

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

You in the darkest moments
Cherish laughter in wild times
Burning heart of dreams collide
Butterflies on meeting eyes
Never all that simple
Hardest work is done at home
We become our castle
Hold it safely in our hands
A love as old as time
Hand in mine, forever intertwined

A poem

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

Sleep mode….

All the things I know
Put them in the soil
Manifested and it starts to grow
Never heard the word
CC’s version of do not disturb
A longer list of ones I curved
Cheers to another year
A rubber band pops
Darker thoughts appear
My value is higher here
Stop talking about it
By it, I mean…

Christie Alex Costello

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